About Me

Shaun Mulligan

Hi I'm Shaun, I like writing about my journey learning web development, electronics and 3D printing. I also love bicycles! Check out some of my projects or the blog for more info on them. You can also follow me on Github: github.com/shaunmulligan

Shaun Mulligan

A techbro playing with Bicycles

Hi! I'm Shan and I am a tech enthusiast with a passion for electronics, software, and all things cycling. I love getting hands-on with new technology and finding ways to use it to make my life easier and more efficient.

One of my biggest interests right now is the field of machine learning. I find the idea of using algorithms to analyze and learn from data incredibly fascinating, and I am always looking for new ways to improve my skills and knowledge in this area.

In my free time, you can often find me out on my bike exploring new trails and roads. I am an avid cyclist and love the freedom and exercise that comes with it. I also enjoy tinkering with my bicycle and finding ways to optimize my performance and get faster.

I am also a developer and enjoy working with and learning a variety of tools and frameworks. I am always looking for new challenges and ways to improve my skills in this area. I find the area of devTools especially interesting as it has the incredible property as a force multiplier.

Overall, I am a curious and driven individual with a love for all things tech and cycling. I am excited to continue learning and exploring new areas in these fields.