HypeCycle - Over Engineering a Cycling Computer

A cycling computer built on a raspberry pi 2W using primarily web technologies and off the shelf electronics.

WORK-IN-PROGRESSpythonsvelteraspberry pi

I love all the tech that goes into products like the Garmin 530 and Hammerhead Karoo, so I decided to try build my own one using a raspberry pi. How hard could it be?

The main purpose of this project is to learn and have fun. I don't expect to ever produce something as complete or functional as the commercial products but it will be interesting to see how far one can get with off the shelf parts and a 3D printer :D

The desired feature set for V1 of HypeCycle is as follows:

  • Crisp high density 4” touch screen: 800x480 pixels (~235 PPI) Hyperpixel
  • Bluetooth sensor compatibility (HR and Power)
  • Front facing Camera with ability to record to disk
  • Fast fix assisted-GPS
  • Automatic upload of last ride to Strava when wifi is enabled
  • High accuracy altimeter and ambient temperature sensor
  • Controllable Front facing LED lights for visibility
  • Quadcore rpi zero 2 W at its heart
  • At least 4+ hours of battery (3700mAh high capacity Lipo battery)
  • 100% opensource
  • 3 physical buttons
  • Integrated into bar mount

If would also be cool to also have:

  • Wireless charging, so that it stays charged when bike is in its rack.
  • Haptic buzzer you can feel in the handlebars
  • Ability to bluetooth tether to phone for internet access.